A First Look at Idyll

October 9, 2011 · Eye Candy · No comments

Hello, and welcome to my new coding blog! I’m going to use this space to talk about lighting, shaders, GPU programming, and other graphics- and gamedev-related topics as they come up. In my spare time I’m working on a project that for now I’m calling “Idyll”. At the moment this is just a graphics engine, and it’s just in its infancy. Eventually I hope to expand it into a more full-featured game engine—and maybe even make an actual game with it—but for my purposes, the graphics are paramount.

My primary goals with this project are:

  1. To teach myself the Direct3D 11 API. Since my background is in OpenGL 3.0 and PS3 (which has an API similar to D3D9), I want to update my knowledge. I actually started this project with D3D 10, but I intend to convert it to D3D 11 soon.
  2. To have a place to experiment with new graphics techniques a little more freely than I might in the context of my day job. The workplace is great for some sorts of things, but playing around with ideas just to see where they go is not one of them. :)

That’s the general idea for where I’m going with this. Just to give you something concrete, here are a couple of screenshots of Idyll in its current state. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s just in its infancy! It doesn’t have textures or any materials other than Lambert, and the scene is just something I threw together in an afternoon.

I apologize for the shadow quality; it’s just a single 1024² shadow map stretched across the whole scene. The lighting is a directional light, plus an ambient with a vertical ramp from blue to black. It is lit in linear color space, though!

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