About me

I'm a graphics programmer, currently working at NVIDIA on the DevTech software team in Santa Clara, CA. Previously I worked at Sucker Punch Productions developing rendering technology for the Infamous series of games for PS3 and PS4.

I've been interested in graphics since about 2002 and have worked on a variety of assignments, including fog, atmospheric haze, volumetric lighting, water, visual effects, particle systems, skin and hair shading, postprocessing, specular models, linear-space rendering, and GPU performance measurement and optimization.

A few years ago I wrote several OpenGL demos (which are hopelessly out of date today) implementing various techniques. Nowadays you can read about what I'm up to on my blog. In addition to graphics, I'm interested in physics and in programming language design. My favorite languages are C++ and Python.

You can contact me at nathaniel dot reed at gmail dot com, or follow me on Twitter (@reedbeta) or Google+. I also hang out in the forums at DevMaster.net, under the name Reedbeta, and at Gamedev Stack Exchange.

About this site

On these pages, I've put up a few small demos and applications I've built. Some of these programs, like CD Lite, I built because I needed something done but couldn't find anything on the web that satisfied me. Others, like the OpenGL demos, I built for self-education. I've put them up on this website in the hope that they will either prove useful to someone or serve as examples for aspiring programmers.

All the software here is written in C++ for the Windows platform, although a few, like Stanley, also compile on Linux. Binaries, Visual Studio 7.1 project files, and well-commented source are included with each.